Get a FREE Spring Check at Port Tyres & Autocare. We have expert technicians at hand to make sure that your vehicle is ready to hit the road this Spring and enjoy your motoring, safely. There’s still a bit of frost around, along with hail, and rain. Not exactly typical weather but it can be very worrying if you skid because your brakes or tyres need attention. We are very much of the philosophy that if we can save you money with some preventative maintenance rather than a hefty repair bill, it’s time well spent. As always, we are here to help.

So give us a call on 0151 356 4565 and book in for your FREE Spring Check.


FREE Spring Check: Vehicle On The Ground checks:-
✔ Fit protective covers, mirrors etc
✔ Check for damage to bodywork, number plates, mirrors etc
✔ Check horn
✔ Check ABS and / or Air Bag warning lights (if applicable)
✔ Check operation of interior lights
✔ Check operation of exterior lights
✔ Check windscreen wipers (including rear wiper if applicable)
✔ Check operation of windscreen washer and top up screenwash
✔ Check all seats belts – front and rear (leave child seats in place)
✔ Visual brake check
✔ Check suspension dampers
✔ Visibly inspect the exhaust system
✔ Check air conditioning operation including bad odours under bonnet
✔ Check condition and tension of auxillary drive belts
✔ Inspect coolant hoses for condition and leaks
✔ Check and top up all under bonnet fluid levels (inc. coolant)
✔ Check power steering and top up reservoir (where applicable)
✔ Check and report brake fluid boiling point
✔ Check charge on battery
✔ Check for oil leaks and top up oil
✔ Check front tyres for condition, tread depth and adjust pressures
✔ Check rear tyres for condition, tread depth and adjust pressures

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