Diagnostics is the science of interrogating your vehicle’s software system to see what’s happening to affect performance. For any garage it means a heavy investment in many different pieces of kit that can talk across multiple platforms. The American car manufacturers use one language, the Asian manufacturers use another, and the manufacturers of Europe don’t always speak the same language. It makes life challenging for the determined and experienced diagnostic technicians in our team at Port Tyres & Autocare.

There are so many electronic sensors on your vehicle nowadays that our technicians have to be trained on all the latest equipment. Air conditioning, ABS, park assist, cruise control, ESP, predictive safety systems, air bags are all the developments of the last few years outside of the sensors on the engine. The engine and the emissions system are controlled by a large number of sensors that can have a myriad of effects if one goes wrong.

So, we start by interrogating the software and following ‘procedure’. However, having the ability to repair the faults still requires the personal skill and know-how of an experienced technician. As an independent garage we work with all manufacturer makes and models. This gives us an advantage of transferable experience across different vehicle platforms. It also means our technicians don’t get bored or complacent as we are always expanding our knowledge.