Number one rule for any diesel vehicle, and the biggest repair bill, don’t put petrol in it!  If you do, follow our motoring tips and come to see us as soon as you can.

Diesel cars once lead the way in lower fuel consumption. They are now one of many choices, including much improved petrol engines.  Repairing diesel cars can be more costly because of the high cost of the parts. So, servicing a diesel car is even more important.

Keep your diesel car in top condition and always make sure you use vehicle specific oil.  We recommend Comma and Shell. Always check your oil as cars use far more oil than the public assumes. You can check what oil your car needs by clicking here

How to check oil level

  • ensure engine is cool and vehicle has been stationary for a while
  • withdraw dipstick and wipe clean with tissue to ensure a clear reading
  • insert dipstick and withdraw slowly and smoothly
  • check oil level line against minimum and maximum lines on dipstick – oil level should be between the two
  • if level is below or close to minimum line, top up