Craig has been on a course on how to service and repair hybrid vehicles. Craig was so impressed with the new technology and what savings he could make on his fuel that he went right out and bought a Honda CRZ Hybrid as his every day car so he could learn all about it.

If you have a hybrid, we’re ready when you are. New technology like hybrids can be a little costly on the initial purchase, so make sure you are going to keep the car for some considerable time if you want to feel the benefit of a reduced fuel bill. So, spend time choosing a car that you are really going to enjoy. Even Formula One is starting to use hybrid. Take a look at this video if you really want to get technical and see a British company, Torotrak, talking about the technology that you will start to see on around a quarter of future consumer vehicles.

For those who want to know more about hybrid, see this video:

And for those who want more on hydrogen: