Repairing a car or a van needs a lot of trust between our technicians and customers.  We approach any repair job in the same way: keep you safe and save you money. A repair job done well will make sure you and your car benefit from your time on the road.

Most of our customers know that we can repair your car and maintain your warranty (yes, we can!) We have to make sure that we use the right parts for the job, fit them as per the schedule and diagnose whatever is wrong with your car by using some pretty sophisticated software. You’re not tied to the dealer which means you can shop around for the best value and your warranty will be fine.

So, always have a chat with us and take our expert opinion into account before you commit to spending your money.  Find out:-

  1. Does the job really need doing?
  2. Is it the job you think it is?
  3. What are your options?
  4. What’s the likely cost?

We like to think we’ve earned our stripes in terms of technical ability and trust from our customers. We’ve been around for a long time based on our honest advice and the good work we do.

We support the Right2Choose campaign which protects consumers rights to choose who repairs their car. Get on board and sign up to protect your right to save money on your car repairs and work with the good independent garages like Port Tyres & Autocare at