winter tyresWinter Tyres are now in stock ready for those frosty mornings. We’ve enjoyed relatively mild weather last year but the long range forecast indicates a change and a drop in temperature around Christmas time.

If everyone could compare winter tyres and conventional ‘summer’ tyres on snow, the UK would have a seasonal market, like those in mainland Europe. The difference is dramatic and the extra grip of the winter tyres hard to credit. In our comparison, a summer tyre failed to even get to half the test tracks on snow.

Trouble is, as the temperatures drop, for most drivers in this country there’s a big debate over whether to invest in winter tyres. On safety grounds there’s no argument, while the costs aren’t as steep as they appear – as your summer tyres aren’t wearing out while they’re off the car. Stocks in the UK improve every year and with ‘hotels’ to store your spare set, the case for switching with the seasons is ever more convincing.”

If you would like us to store your summer tyres, please ask at reception.

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